Celebrating a year of Ignite Cardiff’s!

So this week has been largely occupied with tech visits to the Wales Millennium Centre ahead of Ignite Cardiff (very pleased to say that my laptop worked first time with the screens so hopefully we’ll have slightly less technical issues this time around!), contact with the fabulous and gorgeous Ruby Samba who will be performing at the Ignite Cardiff after party (starting at 9pm at Ffresh for those of you that can make it), unhealthy amounts of time spent on Twitter drumming up some interest in various events and copious amounts af emails about TED tickets, websites and speakers.

I tell you this because a few times over the last couple of weeks I’ve been asked about how much work goes in to organising Ignite and I think the answer is ‘more than meets the eye!’.  The first thing to note is that Neil, Mark and myself all have full-time day jobs (and very understanding other halves!) so all of our Ignite and TED related meetings and general work takes place in evenings and weekends.  Coordinating PR, speakers and general running issues for something as casual as Ignite actually requires and incredible amount of work, dedication and carries with it a fair amount of stress… but we love doing it and we really, really hope that you enjoy it.

To part celebrate a year of Ignite Cardiff’s… and part because we wanted an excuse to have a few drinks, we’re holding an after party after Ignite Cardiff 4.  We’ll be in Ffresh from 9pm and it would really mean a lot if you came along and just gave us some feedback or said hi (or offer to speak or sponsor our next event!!!) – it would be lovely to actually get a chance to meet and chat to people – which is something I don’t often get a chance to do at Ignites because they are so manic.

Details can be found on the Ignite Cardiff site – it would be lovely to see you there!

C x

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  1. I’ll really miss it. Unless I hear that you have laptop problems again…


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