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Social media and the feel good factor

I recently read a great book, just one of those ones where you’re waiting in the train station, bored, want something to read so buy a cheap book scenario.  I really enjoyed it and so mentioned it on Twitter.  To my surprise the Author tweeted back and thanked me for saying nice things about her book!  I thought it was such a nice personal touch and exactly what Twitter should be used for.

A friend of mine has recently decided to take a break from Twitter because, as his personal blog explains, it has caused him a bit of grief in the past, and although one of his experiences directly affected me too (although unlike him it’s inappropriate for me to talk about it) I will not be taking a Twitter break any time soon.

When I recently spoke at Ignite Bristol (blatant plug!) I got one of my Twitter rants off my chest.  Twitter (for all its goodness and badness) is a conversation.  Sometimes you say things you wish you hadn’t said, sometimes you read things that you wish you hadn’t seen, but at the end of the day the most important rules are to be polite, if someone talks to you, talk back, don’t just push information out and not respond to your followers (that’s what RSS feeds are for) and most importantly think about what you say because once something is out in the public domain – you can’t take it back.

I don’t follow everyone that follows me, but I generally follow people who talk to me but if I’m no longer interested in what you’re saying I will unfollow you, it’s nothing personal!

I have another friend who has recently joined Twitter and only after much badgering gave me her username under the explicit instructions NOT to tell anyone who she was or to hint anything in my tweets about where she lives or anything about her, purely because she likes the anonymity of being able to say what she likes without work or personal friends judging or reading something and taking it the wrong way – this is something I wholeheartedly understand!

Whereas I generally use Twitter for more professional reasons keeping FaceBook for my personal life, I have recently found that I have made some great new friends and I think, for all the bad stuff that’s happened (and trust me, some of my lowest points from the last year or two can be attributed to Twitter!!!) as with life, shit happens, and if you can make the most of the benefits and take reasonable precautions to avoid the crap, there’s no reason why Social Media can’t be your friend!

Claire x

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How deep is the interactive pool?

I’m in the throes of organising Ignite Cardiff with the brilliant Neil Cocker from Nocci.  Ignite Cardiff is the outcome of several Cardiff Web Scene meet ups, which I’ve been involved in organising over the last year.

One thing that continues to surprise me is that, despite what must be hundreds of web professionals based in Cardiff, we rarely get a turn out of more than 40 to the regular CWS events.  We actively push the events through every method we can think of (I’ve personally taken to badgering people) but there does seem to be a strong sense that those involved in the web are quite happy to virtually network, through the likes for Second Life, Facebook, twitter and various forums, but for some reason, the prospect of actually getting people in a room together, face to face doesn’t seem to have a great appeal.

Having come from a marketing and design background, I’m used to communities that have a really strong support network, such as the Cardiff Design Festival where people are really glad to meet others in the industry, to chat, mingle, job hunt (and of course brag about the work that they’ve just done). Having said that I’m positive that there are a lot more designers and creatives in Cardiff than there are developers – which left me wondering just how big is the Cardiff interactive pool? Are we talking a couple of hundred, in which case our 98 CWS member list is quite respectable, or are we talking thousands, in which case it’s a little poor.  And how can we reach out to them and inspire them to leave their screens and come and have a free pint at the next meet up?

If anyone knows the answer, give me a shout… or even better feel free to put together an Ignite presentation for next Wednesday!

*** Claire

Igntie Cardiff is being held at Sodabar, Cardiff at 6:30pm on Wednesday 3 December and entry is free!

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My own blog… finally!

OK it’s been on my mind for a few weeks now and I’m glad to say that I’ve finally got around to setting up my own blog!  Now aside from talking about work and web related things (like I do on Cardiff Web Scene and on the Box UK BBC Labs blog) I can also rant on about my other passions in life such as shoes, cats, decorating and shopping!

My main project at the moment is setting up the first UK Ignite event, which is keeping me quite busy and out of trouble.  It’s free entry so if you’re interested in being part of a really cool networking event and a UK first, come along to Sodabar on 3 December at 18:30.  See you there!

*** Claire

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