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Random musings of a mad-woman

As a woman who these days seems to be constantly surrounded by men (lucky me eh?!) I do feel that it’s time to admit something that I think my sorority sisters may shoot me for – yes, it’s true – women are all a little bit crazy!

OK, I’m not going to tar all women with the same brush here and please feel free to stop me if you disagree with any of the following pieces of evidence that I think prove that I’m actually a complete raving loon on the inside even if to the rest of the world I appear to be a perfectly reasonably human being…

1. I over think things

Now I guess everyone is guilty of doing this just a little. My husband is obsessed with hair – not in a bizarre kinky way I might add, just that his life-long ambition has been to be a hair dresser.  Last year we decided that instead of listening to him raving on about how great it could be, that he should actually give up his office job to pursue his dream.  And now that he’s doing it he lives and breathes it and I would say 50% of our conversations are about hair or hair related products!  But that’s not the kind of over thinking that I’m talking about… I’m talking about complete immersion and analysing every single detail of something that hasn’t even happened yet, sometimes to the point that within minutes of coming up with an idea I’ll have decided not to do it because in my head, by taking certain steps I’ve managed to result in it leading to the end of the world!

2. I don’t hear what you actually say, only what I think you’re saying

Firstly, I would like to state that this usually only relates to conversations that are of an emotional nature.  For example, if I’m taking a brief for a website or going through financial things – basically where the information is pure fact, this doesn’t cause me any problems.  However, the moment the conversation becomes slightly personal all rationale goes out of the window and try as I might to digest the words that are actually said somehow when I go through the conversation in my head later (usually at 2am) it’s completely different.  It’s as though someone has muted the sounds and added truly random sub-titles! A good example is if someone comments that I’m wearing tight jeans, what I hear is ‘your bum is HUGE’ or when Neil (my partner in crime in all things Ignite and TED related) says ‘hrm perhaps you have a point’ what I hear later is ‘that’s a completely idiotic idea, what was I thinking going on holiday and leaving you in charge’!

3. I don’t want an easy life

OK, this one isn’t going to be too much of a revelation to those that know me but I am incapable of doing nothing.  My diary for the last three weeks or so has been a mess of meetings, meet ups, gigs and events, on top of that I’m mid-way through renovating my house and on the very odd occasion I get to see my family.  Today I find myself with an oddly clear day where I have nothing that I actually have to do, but will I sit around and do nothing – hell no!  I’m already seeing myself doing all manner of things from baking to laying tiles to organising presentations and writing press releases (OK those last two things I do actually need to do this weekend) and as much as a complain about it Mr Stevenson was right, I obviously do enjoy it so I should stop bloody whinging about it!

This blog post could literally go on and be the most epically written post of all time, but I’m going to stop there before my employers, friends and husband realise what they are actually dealing with.  The one thing I will complement myself on is that I know that I’m a nut-case and I do try and deal with it (or hide it as best as I can) but sometimes I’m afraid it does slip out, so for all of those that get to deal with the rare moments of craziness I sincerely apologise, my jazz musician father reminded me that thanks to him I’ve probably inherited the attention-seeking gene so I’m going to partly hold him responsible!

The mug that I drink out of at work that says ‘High Maintenance’ – that’s not an understatement…

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